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Solar Water Displays For Your Home
                                                                      July 18th, 2012 | Author: admin

Perhaps one of the newest exterior landscaping designs to be on display in many American homes is the solar water feature. The benefits of a solar powered water display in your landscape designs and gardens go beyond the sheer beauty and the unique visuals cast by these beautiful objects. 

With so many people in every walk of life now interested in being better stewards of the planet, the number of people opting for solar powered anything is growing with every passing day. Solar water features are usually placed in the garden and involve using the power of the sun to move the water used in the display. They are generally powered by a small pump that derives is energy directly from a photovoltaic cell that converts solar power into electricity. You will find many different types of solar waterscapes including waterfalls and water fountains. 

The Benefits of Solar Water Features

There are a lot of good reasons to use a solar powered water display if you are considering adding this type of aesthetic to your garden, backyard, landscaping or front yard. These are environmentally friendly products that will provide you with the visual and soulful enjoyment of the sights and sounds of rushing water without your having to run electricity to the pump. Many of these solar water displays are self-contained so you can recycle the same water through the system over and over again. While a single pump running during the day won’t run up your energy bill all that much, suffice it to say that a solar water display won’t cost you anything to run.

The people at Smart Solar have a number of beautiful and functional solar water display products that will be handsome additions to your overall landscape designs. This company was established in 2003 and since then they have been leaders in the area of solar powered home and garden supplies and ornamental design items. They started out in the UK, but now have offices in the U.S., Germany, France, and Asia. They have everything from solar bird baths and  fountains to, floating solar lily pad pools and chameleon globes lights for external lighting around a patio or deck.

The people at Serenity Health also have a great selection of fountains, birdbaths, and other outdoor accessories including solar powered versions of almost all of these. Their fountains allow you to place your solar water feature anywhere in your garden or yard as you don’t have to be concerned about running an electric line to get to the ideal spot in your chosen space for the display. These fountains usually include a long outdoor chord that can be placed in the sun just in case the placement of your fountain happens to be in a shady area or a spot that gets only intermittent sunshine.

One of the best parts of this new technology as it applies to outdoor gardening and landscaping is that nearly any fountain or waterfall can be transformed into a solar powered water feature with the help of a simple solar pump. And of course the birds that congregate in your birdbaths will love the warm water of your solar powered water baths. Many solar water fountains have their photovoltaic panels discretely tucked away into the design of the fountain itself. The unit is safe and easy to install and best of all, ca also be placed in the shade with the help of a long solar chord. The fact that they are powered by solar panels means that they are also safer than traditional fountains that require the use of electricity.

The use of solar energy in the garden is a smart and likely place to find the sun being put to work. Think about the areas of your home that are most exposed to the sun and the obvious answer after the roof, provided of course that you don’t have a huge maple or old oak tree hovering over your house, is the outdoor lawn and garden. These days you don’t need an entire power plant to supply enough energy to keep a small pump running in an outdoor water display. The application of solar technology to landscaping and it particular, to waterscapes in your home is the sensible choice for everyone that cares to look a little further into the latest products offered on

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